The Office of Risk Management's mission is to identify, evaluate, prioritize and manage risks inherent to the University.   Our approach is an institution-wide process to manage our risks or uncertainties through a variety of risk management interventions that include:

  • Share/Transfer- transfer risk through an insurance intermediary or through other types of contracts
  • Avoid – remove risk by eliminating the situations or activity that presents risk
  • Mitigate - setting up policies, procedures, training, etc. that reduce the risks being undertaken
  • Accept/Retain - assume risk because some risk cannot be eliminated and there may be value in assuming the risk

The Office of Risk Management aspires to serve the Wayne State University Community and its affiliated entities as a partner providing a high quality of service, while continuing to balance the most efficient and cost effective tools available.

Our values of integrity, honesty, transparency, accountability and flexibility are the hallmark of our operation.  We will continue to strive and work toward being the preferred and most trusted provider of services and innovative solutions to meet the University's needs.

The Office of Risk Management
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Workers Compensation/Employee Injury Program
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