Property Loss/Prevention

The Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Programs offers a number of services to the University community in the areas of loss prevention and safety.

Some of these services are:

  • Training employees in the proper use of life-safety equipment, including hands-on demonstration of the various types of fire extinguishers.
  • Recommendations regarding the proper selection and placement of fire extinguishers within University buildings.
  • Work site analysis to identify potential causes of injuries. The analysis includes:
    • Layout of the work area
    • Arrangement of equipment
    • Adequacy of space for the operation
    • Storage
    • Safety of equipment
    • Electrical hazards (condition of cords, grounding of tools)
    • Areas of congestion
    • Lighting
  • Fire evacuation training
  • Investigation of incidents that do not result in injury and making recommendations on how to correct the cause of the incident to reduce the possibility of future injuries.
  • Employee training in the prevention of work-related injuries, understanding the causes of accidents, and the hidden costs of accidents.

How much does loss prevention and safety training cost?
There is no cost to departments.

When is training given?
Fire and life-safety training and demonstrations can be conducted at a specific time or as a part of your department's regular staff meeting. Contact the Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Programs at 577-5440  to arrange for this training or for other loss prevention services.