Student Injuries


Enrolled students experiencing an injury or non-personal illness (excludes personal illnesses such as, but not limited to, flu, cold/sinus, etc.) on campus or while attending class or participating in University-sponsored activities shall receive initial treatment at an University-authorized medical facility as noted below:

Emergency issues:

  • Detroit Receiving Hospital ER      
  • Henry Ford Hospital-Detroit ER

Non-emergency issues:

  • University Health Center (UHC)-4K
  • Henry Ford Medical Center - Harbortown

Only the initial treatment/visit necessary for an injury or a non-personal illness requiring immediate medical attention will be covered by this policy.    The student is responsible for any subsequent treatment.


Responsibility Action


Notify Instructor/Administrator and/or WSU Police Department of injury or illness immediately.

Report to the appropriate University-authorized medical facility for initial treatment, as noted above.

Complete top portion of the Report of Injury form, and sign bottom portion. 

If the student receives an invoice for initial service, student shall forward the invoice to the Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Programs for payment review.  For services/treatment beyond the initial visit, student shall either self-pay directly to the provider or forward the invoice to the personal health insurance carrier.


Contact WSU Police Department (7-2222) to obtain assistance and transportation to the appropriate University-authorized medical facility.