Fire Safety Regulation During Holiday Season

Fire Safety Regulation for Christmas Trees and/or Other Holiday Decorations (PDF)

Every holiday season, your full cooperation is requested in complying with the following safety precautions for Christmas trees and/or other holiday decorations, as compiled by the Office of Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Programs

  1. No natural tree, wreath, roping or similar decorations may be used in any University owned building.
  2. Artificial trees/plants labeled as FLAME RETARDANT, by the manufacturer, are permitted.
  3. Metallic trees may be used without restrictions, provided no electric lights or wiring are placed on or in contact with any part of the tree.
  4. Artificial or metallic trees shall be located so they do not obstruct any exits, corridors and aisle ways.
  5. Tree decorations must be of the non-combustible type such as metal, glass, etc.
  6. The use of combustible and/or lightweight type material, i.e., paper, for decorative purposes is expressly prohibited.
  7. The use of open flame devices for lighting or decorative enhancement is prohibited.
  8. Consult your building's evacuation plan to determine evacuation routes and exits. 

If lighting devices are used, they must bear the Underwriters Laboratories (U/L) approval rating label and be turned off at the end of normal business hours.