Medical Emergencies

If someone becomes ill or is injured and requires medical attention:

  • Call WSU Police Department (577-2222) and advise them of your location and the nature of the victim's illness/injury.
  • Do not move the victim unless there is an immediate life-threatening emergency.
  • Comfort the victim and reassure them that medical assistance is on the way.
  • Remain on scene to assist WSU Police Department /medical service providers with pertinent information about the incident.

To stop bleeding:

  1. Apply direct pressure to wound.
  2. Maintain steady pressure.
  3. Elevate limbs that are bleeding.

Burns and chemical burns:

  1. Remove victim from source of the burn if it is safe to do so. If chemical is involved, wear gloves or other protective gear.
  2. Cool the burn with large amounts of water.  For chemical burns, remove contaminated clothing.
  3. Loosely cover burn with dry or sterile dressing.
  4. For electrical burns, make sure power source is OFF before making contact with victim. If victim is unconscious, do not move unless there is an immediate danger. Loosely cover burns with a dry or sterile dressing.

CPR/Heart attack:

  1. Call WSU Police Department at 577-2222.
  2. The WSU Police Department have automated electronic defibrillators (AED) available in every patrol car for response.
  3. If you have been trained by WSU Police Department or American Red Cross, proceed with CPR.
  4. The following WSU locations have AED's on site: Police Department, 5425 Woodward, Cohn, Matthaei, Mort Harris Recreation & Fitness Center, David Adamany Undergraduate Library, Mortuary Science, Scott Hall, Eugene Applebaum Pharmacy and Health Sciences, College of Education, Thompson Home, Macomb Centers, and Student Center.  Contact the building coordinators for exact location. 

All University personnel are encouraged to learn First Aid and CPR.  Contact the WSU Police Department at 577-6082 for more information.