Crime Preventions Tips

Here are a few suggestions from WSU Police Department, on what you can do to prevent crimes in your building or being the victim of a crime.

In your office/building:

  • Never leave property unattended in any campus building or in your car.
  • While in the office, make sure you lock your door and pull it closed if you need to leave same.
  • If you need to step out of your office/building, secure your property by locking it up or take it with you.
  • Don't be predictable and place your belongings in the bottom right drawer of a desk or on a hook behind the door.  Lock them up inside your office.
  • Be observant, familiarize yourself with your building.
  • Know the route to your destination and memorize the locations of the Blue Light Emergency Phones along your campus route.
  • Be aware of any suspicious persons roaming your building-- ask them what they are doing or who they are looking for.
  • If something seems strange or suspicious, call WSU Police Department at 577-2222.

When walking on campus:

  • Try not to walk aline -- pair up or walk with a group.
  • Make sure you are aware of your environment and familiarize yourself with campus buildings and landmarks.
  • Walk confidently with attitude, and purpose.
  • Do not cut between campus buildings and through alleys when walking.
  • Walk in well-lighted areas of campus and memorize the locations of Blue Light Emergency Phones along your campus route.
  • Have your keys ready as you approach your car or office.
  • Always inspect your vehicle before entering.
  • Do not let your purse, backpack or laptop bag bounce loosely over your shoulder and off your hip as you walk.   Carry it tucked under your arm or strapped across your shoulders/back.
  • If you see any suspicious activity or persons on campus, call WSU Police Department at 577-2222.