When actuated, a building's fire alarm system will activate an audible alarm at WSU Police Department who will respond to all fire trouble and fire alarm incidents.

  • Upon arrival at the facility or, during investigation of the alarm condition, the responding Police officer will determine if the Detroit Fire Department should be contacted. 
  • Any employee, student, visitor, etc., shall contact WSU Police Department at 577-2222 upon discovery of a developing fire in or around WSU facilities.
  • Upon actuation of the building fire alarm system, all occupants shall immediately evacuate, (including unannounced fire drills).
  • It is the responsibility of the WSU Police Department and/or the Detroit Fire Department to remove mobility impaired persons from areas of refuge within university facilities.
  • All evacuating personnel from a WSU facility shall exit the facility, and stand well clear of same.
  • No person shall re-enter a WSU facility until the WSU Police Department has given permission to do so.

If you discover a fire on your floor:

  1. Proceed to nearest fire alarm pull station and activate same.
  2. If you have been properly trained and/or experienced in the use of a portable fire extinguisher and fire is small, you may proceed to nearest fire extinguisher.
  3. Extinguish fire using PASS Method:

Pull Pin.

Aim nozzle at base of fire.

Squeeze lever

Sweep extinguisher side to side.

  1. If fire is large or cannot be extinguished with portable fire extinguisher, evacuate area and close all doors.

See "Evacuation" for more information

If you are trapped in a room:

  1. Call WSU Police Department at 577-2222 and let them know the name of the building and room number of your location.
  2. Wedge wet towels or cloth materials along the top and sides of the door to keep out smoke.
  3. Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
  4. Be prepared to signal someone outside building via a window.
  5. DO NOT OPEN WINDOWS OR BREAK GLASS until absolutely necessary. This is a last resort- outside smoke may be drawn into the room.

If you are caught in smoke:

  1. Drop to hands and knees and crawl towards nearest exit.
  2. Stay low to floor -- this is where the best quality of air is.
  3. Breathe shallowly through nose and use a filter such as a shirt or a towel.
  4. Crawl and feel along for doors. Know in advance how many doors there are between you and the stair exit and exit door,

If you catch on fire:

  1. Remain calm -- DO NOT RUN.
  2. Stop where you are.
  3. Drop to the ground and
  4. Roll over and over to smother flames.

The Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Programs' Fire Marshal provides fire extinguisher and evacuation training for all employees.