Tornado/Severe Weather

Tornado Safety (PDF)

WSU Police Department is equipped to receive a National Weather Service message and will alert all WSU essential employees in the event that severe weather conditions should make it necessary for employees to move to designated shelter areas.

University employees during normal business hours will be made aware of Tornado warnings via Wayne State Alerts, text message alerts and alerts through the Blue Light Emergency Phone Speakers.

A Tornado watch means tornadoes could potentially develop and a Tornado warning means a tornado has actually been sighted.

Macomb County and the City of Detroit will sound a 3-minute continuous siren for a Tornado Warning.  If a Tornado Warning is issued:

  1. Proceed to a basement, lower floor level, or interior hallway or corridor (center core).
  2. Seek shelter under sturdy or heavy furniture, tables, or desk.
  3. If in an automobile, drive at right angles away from tornado path.
  4. Avoid elevators, top floors of buildings, areas with glass windows or doors, auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, automobiles, and unsecured objects.
  5. Assist persons with disabilities to the safest area on the same floor.
  6. Keep a flashlight, radio and cellular telephone with you.