Water Damage

Water leaks and water damage can range from broken pipes, frozen pipes, clogged drains, overflowing sinks, and deferred roof maintenance to more serious/major events such as severe rainstorms, water-main break, and loss of power to sump pumps.

In case of imminent actual water damage losses:

  1. Call WSU Police Department at 577-2222 and WSU Facilities Planning and Management Service Center at 577-4315.
  2. If you can safely do so, secure vital equipment, records, books, hazardous materials (chemical, biological, radioactive) and move to safer area; turn off all electronic equipment and appliances, including sensitive laboratory research units; secure all laboratory experiments.
  3. If you know the source of the water and are confident of your ability to safely stop the flow (i.e. unclog the drain, turn off the water) then do so.
  4. Be prepared to assist as directed in protecting objects that are in jeopardy.  Take necessary steps to avoid or reduce immediate water damage (if it is safe to do so) such as covering objects with plastic sheeting, or moving small or light objects out of danger.