Workplace Violence

WSU wishes to do everything possible to anticipate and prevent incidents of violence in the workplace from arising.  It is the goal of the WSU Workplace Violence Policy to eliminate threats and acts of violence and to communicate the University's commitment to a policy of "Zero Tolerance" for threats or acts of violence by anyone on University property or at University - sponsored activities.

Examples of workplace violence:

  • Verbal harassment - threat to engage in violence against persons or property.
  • Physical harassment or assault - physical or sexual assaults by any means with or without a weapon.
  • Assault - hitting, pushing, kicking, holding or unlawfully impeding or blocking the movement of another person. 

Examples of prohibited behavior and items at WSU:

  • Direct or implied threats
  • Physical harm to persons or property.
  • Harassment, interference, and disruption of another's work performance.
  • Creating an intimidating, offensive, or hostile work or educational environment.
  • All types of firearms.
  • Switchblade knives.
  • Knives with a blade length of more than 3".
  • Explosives
  • Any object carried for the purpose of injuring or intimidating.

If you are a victim or a witness:

  • Call WSU Police Department at 577-2222 if there are injuries or imminent danger.
  • Notify appropriate management personnel.
  • Individuals with a personal protection or restraining order which identifies the workplace as being a protected area should provide that information to WSU Police Department.

What to do if confronted by a threatening person:

  • Leave the area and get out of harms way.
  • Report incident to WSU Police Department.
  • If unable to leave area; stay at a safe distance, try to calm individual, try to get attention of a co-worker so they can call WSU Police Department, listen to individual and let them do most of the talking.